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At a general level, we do financial planning services to help clients to achieve their financial goals. Whether this might be preparing for a comfortable retirement, helping children with education financing, or many of the other financial dreams that people have…READ MORE
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The majority of our clients come to us by referral, and have knowledge about Watermark Stone Wealth prior to an initial meeting. Whatever the source, we consider the early ‘discovery’ meetings with prospective clients to be critical for the success of the long-term wealth management process. We take a lot of time to make sure we get to know our clients as well as possible at the beginning of the relationship, and to give our clients the opportunity to know us.

Planning is the key to success, and processes are the key to planning.

Having professional knowledge in all the various facets of financial planning is clearly beneficial, but our true success as wealth managers comes from our sincere desire to provide clients with value, and our willingness to invest our time and resources into making sure we have the knowledge and data needed to plan effectively. Our ability to provide effective solutions is directly related to the quality of information given to us by clients: the better the information, the better the results. The wealth management process therefore requires a mutual commitment.

Our process begins with initial discovery meetings, at which time we work with potential clients to share information and determine if there is a good ‘fit’ for us to work together. It is important for clients to feel comfortable with our approach to financial management, and with our ability to provide the financial planning services they need. Similarly, we desire to work with clients who value the advice and professionalism that we offer, and who share our philosophies regarding long-term planning.

Once the decision has been made to work together, we will then proceed to build a plan, with key elements depending on individual circumstances. During this part of the process much more detailed information is collected in order to develop a more thorough understanding of the situation, what is important to clients, and what resources and challenges they face. As part of the plan development we work with clients to set realistic goals and objectives.

Once the plan has been built it will be reviewed with the client and amended as needed. This is an important step, as the plan should be a cooperative effort, developed in conjunction with the client. As the plan is implemented it will be monitored from year to year to evaluate progress and make changes as circumstances evolve.

The process is ongoing. A plan is dynamic, and needs to be monitored and assessed on a regular basis. Reviews are conducted to make sure the Watermark Stone Wealth team is kept aware of any significant changes that would affect the plan, and so that critical financial events are incorporated. As the client ages and passes through various financial stages, so must the plan evolve and incorporate these changes.

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Effective financial management is about more than just investing. At Watermark Stone Wealth we strongly believe that developing a comprehensive financial plan has significant benefits for clients, and that the chances of ultimately achieving financial goals are greatly enhanced when a financial plan is used. A financial plan seeks to incorporate all aspects of a household’s financial picture.

A well-constructed financial plan is like a roadmap, helping you to identify your destination and providing solutions on how to get there. Every client faces choices between the many “financial pathways”, and the role of a financial planner is to help them determine the financial pathway that is best suited for their circumstances.

Financial planning is comprehensive, and incorporates many areas such as retirement planning, estate planning, education planning, tax planning, and investment planning. It is important to realize that even for those clients who do not wish to develop a full comprehensive financial plan, investment decisions should still be made within a financial planning context to achieve optimal long-term results.

Every client can benefit from developing a financial plan, and Watermark Stone Wealth offers this service to all clients. We do not charge any fee for financial planning services, based on a commitment from clients to use our services for any products covered by the plan.

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Solutions That Protect

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It is very important to protect the long-term financial plan from unforeseen risks due to catastrophic events. Our financial planning services team includes several licensed insurance agents who can help clients with life, disability, critical illness, and long-term care insurance*. Most people are familiar with protecting their physical assets such as cars and homes with insurance, but it is equally important to preserve their less tangible, but often more financially significant, assets. Loss of a key breadwinner or ability to produce income can be devastating to a financial plan, as can other catastrophic events such as critical illnesses and the need for expensive long-term care.

Life insurance* also has significant investment qualities and can become a vital component of both the investment plan and tax planning. Therefore, the various components of the financial plan, such as the estate plan, insurance plan, investment plan, and tax planning, can become quite inter-related. The Watermark Stone Wealth Team has the proficiency to manage and coordinate these components effectively, in complex situations.

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