We would like to share 3 webcasts to help you navigate COVID-19. Experts share tips on optimizing resiliency, maintaining health and wellness, and proven parenting strategies. Our parent company, iA Wealth, gathered some experts to create webcasts just for you. We hope they help your daily life during the pandemic become a bit smoother. Stay safe and be well.

1) Optimal Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty

Presenter: Dr. Robyne Hanley Dafoe, Expert on Resiliency and Workplace Wellness

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives, and continued uncertainty can at times be highly stressful and difficult to manage.

That’s why we thought it would be worthwhile to share the below webcast. Presented by a recognized expert, Dr. Robyne Hanley Defoe, who uses proven research methods to help individuals effectively cope with and manage adversity.

We think you’ll find the webcast offers some excellent ideas and tips for managing the unique stresses associated with self-isolation and the wider impact that COVID-19 is having on our work and family lives.

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2) Maintaining High Performance and Optimal Health in Times of High Stress

Presenter: Dr. Greg Wells, health and performance expert, physiologist and bestselling author

Self-isolation has been a major adjustment, and you may have found that the disruption to your daily routine has had an impact on your:

  • energy levels
  • concentration
  • eating habits
  • quality of your sleep

We think most of us can say that, in terms of both our personal and work lives, COVID-19 has meaningfully increased our stress levels.

That’s why we thought you would be interested in the webcast linked below. It’s presented by a highly respected expert on health and wellness who has a real gift for taking extremely complicated scientific insights and distilling them into clear, easy-to-follow tips and ideas that you can use every day.

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3) Parenting During a Crisis and Helping Kids Cope and Thrive

Presenter: Dr. Shimi Kang, physician, bestselling author and global social entrepreneur

The COVID-19 crisis has been very stressful for everyone, but I think it’s safe to say that parents with kids at home are dealing with uniquely difficult and challenging circumstances.

That’s why we wanted to share an insightful webcast that offers practical, proven parenting strategies to help your family manage the stresses of this crisis. The presenter is an award-winning, Harvard-trained physician and bestselling author, and she does an excellent job of making her science-based insights easy to understand and implement.

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