• Ever wondered how your finances rank against other Canadians? The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) recently published an 11-year study on the financial well-being of Canadians. As I’m reading the study, all I can think about is David Chilton’s book, The Wealthy Barber. What a great title for a book, eh?
  • On February 1st we wrote about market and economy expectations for 2020. In it we shared insights gleaned from the Year Ahead Investment Conference held on January 20th. Since then there has been much talk about the Coronavirus and how it will impact the markets and economy. We are nerds,
  • Our investment professionals recently attended the 14th annual iA Securities Year Ahead Investment Conference in Toronto. The day brings top investment minds together to provide market and economy expectations for 2020. Differing viewpoints of more than 20 industry experts were shared, including: Clément Gignac, iA Financial Group’s Chief Economist Myles



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