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I achieved a major personal goal in early 2000 when I qualified to become licensed as a portfolio manager, allowing me to offer discretionary account services to my clients. While discretionary, or managed accounts, might not be suitable for every investor or for every situation, I truly believe that they represent the highest level of service and greatest value available to investors. Managed accounts offer several important advantages. As a portfolio manager, I have a fiduciary duty to my clients who are therefore assured that every action I take is meant to provide them with the best solution available and is always undertaken in their best interest. With discretion, I’m able to group client trades so that every client gets their order filled at the same time and at the same price as every other client. In essence, the smallest client and largest client receive equal treatment when making portfolio changes.

The efficiencies of this bulk trading also reduce costs which we’ve been able to pass along to our clients in the form of reasonable fees. I believe that one of the most attractive aspects of fee based accounts in general is the alignment of advisor and client interests. With a fee based account, the only way my income increases is if your account grows. If your account decreases, my income decreases. I point out to clients that this removes any question of motivations for the level of trading activity in accounts. If there are only a few trades, it’s because that’s what I think will increase the value of your account the most. And if there are many trades, it’s also because that’s what I think will increase the value of your accounts the most.

As mentioned, not every situation suits the managed approach and even for investors who do suit the approach, not every account is suitable for this structure. At Stone Wealth Management, we can offer choices and are able to offer the structure of combination of structures most suitable for your situation. If you’d like to explore which investment program would be most suitable for your circumstances, please feel welcome to contact our office to set up an introductory appointment. We’d love to hear from you.


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