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Lifecycle of Your Financial Plan

Ultimately, the success of a financial plan will largely depend on the effectiveness of the investment portfolio. At Watermark Stone Wealth, the core of our investment program recognizes that all investors and investor households are unique. A portfolio needs a dedicated portfolio manager to be constructed to meet each client’s goals, objectives, and risk parameters.

Over the years, we spent a lot of time and effort developing a program that offers clients a great amount of flexibility and choice. At the same time, we’re constantly striving to make our process efficient, achieving economies that we’re able to pass along to our investors. We offer a variety of investment programs to include a broad range of clients, including those from all stages of the the investing life cycle. New investors typically face much different challenges and opportunities than those who are more established.

For example, market volatility represents a source of great opportunity for clients who are accumulating assets, while that same volatility represents a major risk for those who have reached retirement and are living from their investment income. Different strategies and products are suited to these situations, and we have developed suitable programs for not only these lifecycle situations, but also to accommodate the unique circumstances of each client.

Investors often face the need to change advisors and institutions as they mature and their needs evolve. Watermark Stone Wealth offers a flexible, diversified platform that allows our clients to evolve with us, shifting strategies as products as their financial lifecycle grows.

Dedicated Portfolio Manager

The Power of

Managed Accounts & Discretionary

Managed Accounts have many benefits for everyone involved in the investing process, including the team, the dedicated Portfolio Manager, and most importantly, the client. Gaining access to discretionary portfolio management is a goal for many investors, and is often regarded as the highest level of quality, service, and value available in the industry. Advantages of Managed Accounts include:

  • Professional management with a dedicated Portfolio Manager who knows you and your family
  • Economic efficiencies of group, or “bulk” trading that can be passed to clients
  • Equal treatment of all clients in terms of price, timing, and execution of trades
  • Superior value resulting from high level of service and reasonable fees
  • Alignment of advisor and client interests
  • Unlike other Investment Advisors, Portfolio Manager have a Fiduciary Duty to their clients

Of course, Managed Accounts might not be suitable for all clients, or even all accounts of a household. Our programs offers choices, and we take great care to ensure that clients are matched with the program and structure that will provide them with the best value for their situation and preferences.



The success of the investment plan depends not only on broad strategic choices such as which account structure to use, but also relies on having suitable investment strategies and tactics aimed at achieving the unique goals of each client household. At Watermark Stone Wealth we strive to provide solutions that can be tailored for each client’s needs, while still benefiting from the efficiencies of managed portfolio management.This combination of individualized portfolio construction and cost control has created an offering that provides tremendous value and greatly increases our ability to help clients achieve their goals. Many investment programs offer a range of alternatives based on risk assessment.

For example, most investors are familiar with typical portfolio choices based on what percentage of fixed income versus equities are used, but each portfolio basically contains the same investments just in different proportions.In contrast, our portfolios are structured taking into account both the clients’ risk tolerance and their objectives. For example, an income portfolio will not only have an asset allocation appropriate for the level of risk but will also be made up of securities that provide both dividend and interest income.

Similarly, one model may contain blue chip investments suitable for a more conservative client while other models will include smaller, more growth-oriented companies. In this way, we’re able to provide clients with a high level of customization suitable for not only the risk tolerance, but also matching their goals.

In summary, our team has the proficiency to help clients with financial planning, including developing goals, identifying challenges and opportunities and laying out a plan to achieve success. We also have the knowledge needed to effectively implement and support the resulting strategies.

Acting in

Your Best Interest

At Watermark Stone Wealth, we’re committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards possible. We adhere to the laws, rules, and regulations of our industry and also follow the codes of ethics developed by various associations and organizations. Beyond this however, we regard the rules and codes of conduct as being minimum requirements and hold ourselves to a higher standard of delivering our services with honesty and integrity.

While investors would like to believe that their advisers will be acting in their best interest at all times, many people are surprised to learn that investment advisers in Canada do not have a fiduciary duty to their clients. A fiduciary duty simply means that a trusted party, in this case, the adviser, has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of another party.

In this case, the client. While investment advisers do not have a fiduciary duty, it’s reassuring to some people to learn that portfolio managers such as Doug Stone and Chuck Magyar, do have a fiduciary duty to our clients. By following the required rules and codes and implementing higher voluntary standards we are firmly committed to upholding the client covenant of trust, loyalty, prudence, and care. In our business, we consider our most important team member to be the client.


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