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Ultimately, the success of a financial plan will largely depend on the effectiveness of the investment portfolio. At Stone Wealth Management, the core of our investment program is the recognition that all investors and investor households are unique and that a portfolio needs to be constructed to meet the goals, objectives, and risk parameters of each client.

Over the years, we spent a lot of time and effort developing a program that offers clients a great amount of flexibility and choice. At the same time, we’re constantly striving to make our process efficient, achieving economies that we’re able to pass along to our investors.

This combination of individualized portfolio construction and cost control has created an offering that provides tremendous value and greatly increases our ability to help clients achieve their goals. Many investment programs offer a range of alternatives based on risk assessment.
For example, most investors are familiar with typical portfolio choices based on what percentage of fixed income versus equities are used, but each portfolio basically contains the same investments just in different proportions.

In contrast, our portfolios are structured taking into account both the clients’ risk tolerance and their objectives. For example, an income portfolio will not only have an asset allocation appropriate for the level of risk but will also be made up of securities that provide both dividend and interest income.

Similarly, one model may contain blue chip investments suitable for a more conservative client while other models will include smaller, more growth-oriented companies. In this way, we’re able to provide clients with a high level of customization suitable for not only the risk tolerance, but also matching their goals.

If this approach sounds like it might be right for you, I’d encourage you to contact our office to find out if our customized portfolios would be suitable and beneficial for your investments.


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