What We Do


At a general level, what we do is help clients to achieve their financial goals. Whether this might be preparing for a comfortable retirement, helping children with education financing, or many of the other financial dreams that people have.

We invest a lot of time and resources at the beginning of a relationship. Whether clients are looking for broad-based financial planning, investment services or insurance advice*, the process always begins with in-depth discussions and fact-finding aimed at ensuring that the situation is clearly understood and that all relevant information is taken into account before making recommendations. Basically, the more time spent at the beginning, the less time needed to make adjustments later.

We are strong believers in the benefits of financial planning, and we’ve often said that to be successful, an investment program should be made within a financial planning context. A financial plan is like a road map. By developing reasonable goals and prudent strategies, the chances of success are greatly increased. Looked at simply, the chances of reaching your destination are much better if you know where you’re going. This means that investment plans are unique to each client and we don’t use a one bucket fits all type of approach commonly seen in the industry. Instead, each client household will have an individualized plan suited to their unique situation.


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